Teaching Approach

My teaching philosophy centers on the belief that getting students engaged in research is one of the ways to make their learning experience more tangible and impactful. My interest in and approach to human rights, peace and conflict research was shaped by my experience as a Graduate Research Assistant working with Dara Kay Cohen on the Sexual Violence in Armed Conflict Data Project (2010-2012) and with Kathryn Sikkink on the Transitional Justice Research Collaborative (TJRC) data project (2012-present). Involving students in research is also part of my commitment to help diversify the academy, by involving students who might not otherwise get involved in academic research, and commitment to mentor and train the next generation of human rights scholars and practitioners.

Courses Taught

(1) Instructor, Political Science 3835: International Relations, University of Minnesota, Fall 2018, Spring 2019

(2) Section Instructor, Global Studies: 3144: Knowledge, Power and the Politics of Representation, University of Minnesota, Fall 2018

(3) Instructor, International Studies 352: Transitional Justice, Macalester College, Fall 2016.

(4) Teaching Assistant, Political Science 4773w: Interest Groups, Social Movements and the Politics of Identity, University of Minnesota, Spring 2016.

(5) Section Instructor, Public Affairs 1005: The Great Debates, University of Minnesota, Fall 2011

Sample Courses

International Relations (syllabus available)

Comparative Politics (syllabus available)

Human Rights and Transitional Justice (syllabus available)

Introduction to World Politics

Research Methods for Political Science

International Organizations and Global Governance

Human Rights Norms, Laws and Institutions

Human Rights Politics

Introduction to Peace and Conflict Studies